Air-stream community wi-fi link

Yesterday I finished the install of a Wireless Access point I’ve been working on for a while. It consists of a high gain wifi antenna on my roof, connected to an access point, and thats connected to my home computer network. The Access point is a Mikrotik RB411UAHR built into a Jaycar 5050 Aluminium enclosure ( with the plastic cover from an A4 folder to insulate the board :p ).

The Antenna is a 24dBi Grid antenna I’ve had sitting around for a while. Because we’re renting here I designed an antenna mast that is removable. To do that I took measurements of the chimney and built a mast..

I ran a network cable I had sitting around down the chimney and into a Power over Ethernet adapter. In order to align the antenna I used trusty google earth.

ant_alignBuild Photos:


Aug 2013: Love it when things come together. 80W stereo Response Amp (160W) running bridged into a dual 250W(?) voice coil Vifa Subwoofer Driver, (12″ version), coils wired in series, with a grille on the front, in a ported house.

Antenna power cable only gives power when the radio is on… I had to rewire this and I chose to power on the amp from the ACC/ignition trigger cable on the radio. This way the amp can be on regardless of the radio, not perfect but better.

Waiting for boss stereo attenuator, need to wire the juicy cables in the mean time..

Wired in the amp and the speaker today… all works well.

I had to take the cover off the front dash again, just to confirm the polarities on the speaker cables, didnt want one channel to be on the opposite phase to the other…
There is one thing I can still do, I wired a cable from the amp up behind the steering wheel which is for remote volume control for the amp, but I lost the volume knob… maybe a job for another day.