Looking into HHO

I have heard about HHO a few years ago, and the last couple days I have been looking into this tech again. It appears the game of whack a mole is continuing by the petro dollar powers that be – many HHO site links are down and only visible in web archives. That being said, there seem to be no shortage of enthusiast inventors making their own devices and websites

HHO Technology

Heating with Hydrogen HHO or Hcat. This man does just that.

I have found a full kit for your car made by an auto shop “LaBella’s Auto Repair”, that even includes an OBD II computer to modify the ECU timing automatically. Seems super simple and I am considering buying one.. until…

HHO Installation Frequently Asked Questions

The above video seems very knowledgeable.. perhaps delving into this would require a much deeper dive than a simple plug in automatic OBD ECO controller..
Found an Australian 21 cell device..
This also looks worth watching:

It Runs On Water Stanley Meyer (1995) MUST-SEE VIDEO

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