Rocket Stove build part 9 – second pour

6 Sep

checked the mould for readiness n re poured

7 Sep

removed the mould parts

8 Sep

removed the bottom part, and added a 55 Gal drum

Saw this guys design on youtubes, I rly like that I found people doing very similar things to what I kinda envisioned as a possibility, although he was having some problems:

Then I found this guys (very many) videos. These are great as they come from an understanding of physics and how to apply the concepts simply.. Really more than I could have hoped for in finding simple answers for this project, reinvigorating my ideas with new hacks for optimisition

So I took some more measurements for air flow above the burn tube, and realised the burn tube was touching the drum… not good. So I can optimise area above the burn tube, and also create an air channel below the wood fuel, to help the burn in the burn tube/ burn chamber.



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