Rocket Stove build part 5

11 Aug

more working…

Finished the burn tube part of the mould tonight, that means the actual mould design is finished! Just need to touch stuff up, make sure that hopefully I can take this thing apart when the mould sets, make sure it will hold still while the concrete sets and doesnt lift up anywhere or anything. So 8 days so far, not quite a week, but meh its basically ready to pour now.

Aug 12

I sealed the internal parts together with silicon that was laying around, which hopefully will be easy enough to break apart once the mould has set, but strong enough to hold for any shocks or whatever when I pour the mould.


Rocket Stove build part 3

6 Aug 14

Yesterday I was able to source some 190mm diameter cardboard tube for free, which will make a perfect vertical burn tube size. Today I’m drawing up the dimensions for the concrete mould, and I found out I can get a 25kg bag of high temperature cement for $40, which should hopefully be enough for the jawb.

iteration2Now to make the mould dimensions, and get it made.

So the base of the mould is 2 sheets of ply thick, then there’s a bunch of stuff going on on top of that. All these cut off’s will go on the bottom, to create an air gap for thermal insulation on the bottom.