Rocket Stove build part 1

TL;DR: I made a rocket stove for the fun, by designing a concrete mould to work with a 44 gallon drum… It’s not optimal (well fine as a space heater), I think the smaller steel designs seem to work faster. That may be next to build.

Due to it being winter, and my room being freezing, I’ve been looking at various heating methods. Although I can’t really put a rocket stove in my room, I want to build one anyway, as they would appear to be really sweet, and the ability to very efficiently create heat energy focused on a stove top creates opportunities for many fun. I’m thinking heat pumps, peltier power generation, steam generation… So, I want to have a rocket stove built by the end of the week based on the standard 44 gallon drum model. Here you can see a horizontal cross section sketch, top down sketch and a larger horizontal diagram showing preliminary dimensions:


Special Access Project part 3

Stand off bracket connecting racing seat to seat rail.

7-7-14, Seat bracket:

Balancing the person in the sim will be done using an electric seat motor and rail set. The rail set provides balancing on 2 axis, vertical and horizontal. The rail set has mounting holes for a different seat, so I needed to design a bracket.

First Design, mild steel rectangular tube.

Attachment to rail set is by nut within the bracket, the nut is custom machined as described in the image below. Planning to implement a bar going across joining the two brackets as an anchor point for the anti-submarine 6 point harness. Also, tonight I watched lawn mower man. I all have to say is hrmmmm, about that

seat bracket big

11-7-14, bought metal at the wrong length.

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