Air-stream community wi-fi link

Yesterday I finished the install of a Wireless Access point I’ve been working on for a while. It consists of a high gain wifi antenna on my roof, connected to an access point, and thats connected to my home computer network. The Access point is a Mikrotik RB411UAHR built into a Jaycar 5050 Aluminium enclosure ( with the plastic cover from an A4 folder to insulate the board :p ).

The Antenna is a 24dBi Grid antenna I’ve had sitting around for a while. Because we’re renting here I designed an antenna mast that is removable. To do that I took measurements of the chimney and built a mast..

I ran a network cable I had sitting around down the chimney and into a Power over Ethernet adapter. In order to align the antenna I used trusty google earth.

ant_alignBuild Photos: